Introduction_Sarah’s & Co; featuring luxurious diamond jewelry, meticulously crafted with care to the finest detail. Established in 2015, Sarah’s & Co is the lustrous denouement of brother-sister duo Hashim & Sarah Al-Hammadi and Vishal Dhanak’s collaborative undertaking. Amongst loyal clientele & strong roots in Doha, Sarah’s & Co is pleased to announce the opening of its exclusive boutique, which showcases contemporary & classic designs, with an equally inviting ambience to match.

Born and brought up in Qatar, Hashim is highly familiar with the requisites of the significant luxury market in Doha with an eye for architecture and design he is responsible for concepting & creating our high-end jewelry botique at the iconic InterContinental Hotel Doha. While Sarah being a talented artist has contributed to the jewelry design process.

Vishal is a reputable third generation jeweler from Bombay, India, and is extremely well versed in the jewellery business. He attended the Gemological institute of America completing his Graduate Diamonds & Jeweller.

With support from our state of the art factories in Hong Kong, to artisan style workshops in Bombay, Sarah’s & Co ensures its clients inimitable craftsmanship and design to uphold our exceptional standard of quality.

We consolidate our wealth of experience, outstanding skill sets and thorough understanding to provide our clients with only top of the range jewelry; An unprecedented shopping experience and a glimpse into the new age of bijouterie.